Lighting up urban tactics

06. Last one out, switch off the light

Last one out, switch off the light.

Luminale2014, Lighting Culture Biennale.

Städelschule, Frankfurt Am Main.

31st march – 4th april 2014

A lighting installation with urban parameters in the concept, but “domestic” in the way of use: switches, dimmers and color changing are in hand of users and visitors. The city is your place: please, feel comfortable, adapt lights to your needs, and be responsible of energy consumption.

A temporary lighting installation where visitors have been provided of a simple and friendly interface so they were able to change the light scenarios according to their needs and preferences. An artistic intervention whose sense is not just the event itself: an opportunity to talk about the parameters used in public lighting design, and to introduce subjects as ergonomic, human scale, perception-oriented design.

Collaborations: APDILampErcoPhilips.

Photographer: Alvaro Valdecantos.

©alvarovaldecantos.Luminale.11 ©alvarovaldecantos.Luminale.12©alvarovaldecantos.Luminale.13©alvarovaldecantos.Luminale.66

 ©alvarovaldecantos.Luminale.17 ©alvarovaldecantos.Luminale.58  LUMINALE 01 LUMINALE 2.6 LUMINALE 2.8 LUMINALE 02 LUMINALE 03 LUMINALE 04  LUMINALE 10.1 LUMINALE 10.2 LUMINALE 10.3 LUMINALE 10.4 LUMINALE 10.5 LUMINALE 10.6 LUMINALE 10.7 8 LUMINALE 10.12 LUMINALE 10.14 LUMINALE 10.15 LUMINALE 10.18 LUMINALE 10.19 sLUMINALE 05

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