Lighting up urban tactics



A project by Lupercales for RGB Outdoor Light Festival.

Rome, Pigneto – Torpignattara 27/28th march 2015


Technical support: Philips Color Kinetics with the collaboration of Arkilux.

Flexible silver mirror by Rosco.

Festival organized by LuciOmbre Srl.

Workshop and installation organized by Lupercales.

Photography by Álvaro Valdecantos.


Francesco Marella, Kein Platz, Maura Crudeli, Rossella Benevento, Chiara Scoccola, Marco DeFrancesca, Giovanna Addivinola, Gelsomina Chiota, Gianni Cigna, Giorgia Curcio, Veronica Boneva, Luca Moino, Paola D’andrea, Beatrice Tomassetti, Claudio Pesoli, Claudia Petrino, Giulia Rota, Lucia Zappacosta, Paolo Ciccone, Alice Grassi, Adriana Correa, James Douch, Patrizia Lamardo, Riccardo Frezza, Lucrezia Simonelli, Livio Spada, Pasquale Pino, Antonella Lauritano, Antonella Sciarra, Alfredi Cilenti, Andrea Cervelleri.


The installation “Stratification” was conceived with the objective to light up with an ephemeral intervention an aqueduct within an heritage area, as part of the RGB Outdoor Light Festival organized by Luci Ombre as an official event for the International Year of Light promoted by UNESCO. The festival is conceived as a 5km route through the fifth borough of Rome (Pigneto, Marranella and Tor Pignattara), where you can find 38 installations made by 28 artists from different countries. Different layers of lighting schemes were set, controlled by a simple interface in the hands of participants and visitors. So they had the possibility to change the night appearance of the sight following their preferences. “Stratification”, because different layers of light gave the possibility to generate different perceptions of this urban space, in the same way as one can read different layers of history in a given place. An ancient Roman Aqueduct, now a piece of historic memory inside of a modern and popular district and an area called to animate its social life. Each group of luminaires highlighted, visually and symbolically, a period of this history and the different funcions it served over the centuries:

  • the water (the original function): blue-green light and “fluid” effects generated with mirrors;
  • home (people used to live below the arches in the difficult post-war period): a light bulb;
  • the architectonic heritage (the acqueduct as it is now as a historic document): an architectonic lighting scheme composed of frontal an inner light in different color temperatures:
  • a park (the function the area got nowadays): uplights and floodlights marked the trees and benches with soft color tones.

Today, the park tries to be a tool for activation, a place for social interaction inside a conflictive area. Different civic initiatives are being organized, integrating art as a social activator. Can light help to gather people and re-generate a urban space? Previously to he installation, Lupercales organised a three-days workshop about lighting in urban spaces, where also people from the neighbourhood participated. The possibility for visitors to change the lighting sceneries is a way to put their attention on their urban environment and give them the chance to decide how they want to be the place they live in. LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 01 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 02 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 03 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 04 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 05 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 06 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 07 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 08 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 09 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 10 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 11 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 12 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 13 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 14 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 15 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 16 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 17 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 18 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 19 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 20 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 21 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 22 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 24 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 25 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 26 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 27LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 34 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 35 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 37 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 38 LUPERCALES X RGB ROME © 40

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